Surge Protection Device News

Pluggable Surge Protective Devices For Use In Standard Rackmount Housings From Phoenix Contact

VAL surge protectionBased on the Valvetrab product range, these products feature an elegant new mounting position in order to optimize surge protection for rackmount applications.

With the new positioning at the front of the housing, users can check the status indicator without having to remove the cover or disconnect the power supply. The clear arrangement of the pluggable surge protective devices makes maintenance and troubleshooting extremely easy. A visual inspection can be performed quickly and conveniently via the local status indicator or the remote indication contact. The electrically isolated floating contacts monitor the status of all connectors for a reliable system.

The performance of the surge protective device is enhanced by the new wiring configuration. The wiring on the rear of the base element reduces bending radii and therefore the cable length. The resulting space savings allow for a high density of protective devices. The two base elements can also be installed in series or in parallel.


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