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Narrow Surge Protective Device For DC Current Sources From Phoenix Contact

Valvetrab SEC-DC type 2 surge protective deviceWith just twelve millimeters per channel, the new Valvetrab SEC-DC type 2 surge protective devices from Phoenix Contact are used to protect linear direct current sources.

Thanks to the Safe Energy Control (SEC) technology, these products are both durable and powerful.

The powerful disconnect device provides protection for all standard 120/220 V DC applications. The self-extinguishing capability of the protective device eliminates the need for a backup fuse. Sensitive downstream components are reliably protected, thanks to the low voltage protection level. The basic element and the plug can be rotated by 180° to one another. This enables a connection with shorter cable lengths with the marking remaining legible. The easy-to-read status indicator and the floating remote indication contact keep you informed about the status of the product at all times. Recurring inspections of the protective devices are carried out quickly and easily with the Checkmaster 2 test device.


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