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Crabtree’s Miniature RCBO Spells Safety In The Home And Garden

CrabtreeRCBOIt goes without saying that electrical installation work in a home must be designed and installed to protect people from fire and electric shocks, but what about the garden? Given the greater risk of electric shock outdoors, there’s a need to protect homeowners outdoors, too.

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White Paper Shows Machine Builders How to Improve Reliability and Safety Through Appropriate Circuit Protection

Eaton has published a new white paper entitled ‘Protecting man and machine against damaging residual currents’.

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Effective Detection of Residual Currents from Siemens Automation

The Siemens Industry Automation Division presents a new solution for residual current monitoring in the range from 30 milliamperes (mA) to 40 amperes (A).

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Gewiss MDC Range - The evolution of residual current protection

Gewiss MCD range RCDThe new impulse-resistant configurations make it possible to avoid untimely tripping, which are increasingly caused by the wide-scale use of electronic equipment. Versions coupled with ReStart provide service continuity that is beyond comparison in the market.

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New Three-Phase RCBO for Eaton Electric Memshield 3

3ph RCBO module for Memshield 3Distribution boards in the popular Memshield 3 range from Eaton’s Electrical Sector are now even more versatile; thanks to the introduction of a new three-phase RCBO for feeding three-phase loads that require earth-leakage protection.

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Eaton launches XEffect series circuit breakers

Eaton xEffect series mcb/rcdEaton's Electrical Sector is expanding its product range with the launch of the xEffect series. The first products to be released are a digital combined RCD/MCB (RCBO) device and a digital residual current circuit-breaker (RCCB) with type B+ tripping characteristics.

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New Siemens RCDs Detect Residual Currents with Mixed Frequencies

Siemens TypeF RCDAt this year's Light+Building, Siemens Infrastructure & Cities will be unveiling Type F RCDs. This type of device protects from electric shocks in the case of residual currents that can result with single-phase electrical loads such as washing machines and pumps, for example.

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Eaton’s New Compact RCBOs Leave Room to Manoeuvre

Easier and faster wiring in consumer units and distribution boards is the key benefit offered by the new range of compact RCBOs from Eaton’s Electrical Sector.

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Fire Protection – Have you specified the right type of RCD?

doepkeGovernment statistics indicate that changes to Fire Safety Regulations and associated regulations e. g. IEE Regs Ch. 42, have resulted in a reduction in the number of fires (circa 32,000 in 2001/02 to 20,000 2009/10 in non-domestic buildings).

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How RCDs Work

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 Source: Electrical Safety Council