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Alstom Network Protection & Automation Guide - NEW 2011 Edition

alstom nragSince 1966, the Network Protection and Automation Guide (formerly the Protective Relays Application Guide) has been the definitive reference textbook for protection engineers and technicians.

For 2011, Alstom has capitalised on it’s pool of experts at the Stafford St Leonards Centre of Excellence, UK, to launch a new, fresh, edition.

New chapters treat topics such as system integrity protection and remedial action schemes, phasor measurements and wide area schemes.  The digital substation, including IEC 61850, Ethernet station bus, GOOSE, process bus, and precision time synchronising is also detailed.  Advancements in protection and control application engineering have assisted the authors in exploring and integrating the new techniques and philosophies in this edition, whilst retaining vendor-independence – as we continue to deliver the genuine, impartial, reference.

This book is a precis of the Application and Protection of Power Systems (APPS) training course, an intensive programme now running for over 50 years by Alstom, and it's predecessor companies at Stafford, UK.  This course, by the ingenuity and dedication of the trainers, is vibrant, and evolving.  As APPS progresses, the Network Protection and Automation Guide advances too, whilst never losing sight of the key basic principles and concepts.  Beginners and experts alike shall each feel satisfied in their search for relaying, measurement, communication and control knowledge.  Protection and control has long been termed an art, rather than a precise science - our NPAG offers a mix of both.



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