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OMICRON PTL Now Supports 250 Protection Relays

The OMICRON Protection Testing Library (PTL) is a comprehensive library providing test templates for a varied and significant number of protection devices.

Specifically tailored for CMC test sets, the templates contain test plans which include the important protection functions as well as XRIO converters for modeling the relays in the Test Universe software. Using the PTL saves valuable time because there is no longer a need to create test plans and nominal characteristics from scratch.

The content of the PTL is continuously updated and extended by protection experts at OMICRON. The number of protection relays in the library is constantly growing and now includes 250 relays. Due to the open format, the extensive application know-how included in the PTL is freely available to all users. To cater for individual needs the test templates are fully customizable whilst the XRIO converters can also be utilized in user-created tests and test plans.

In addition to the large variety of digital multi-functional protection devices included in the library, the PTL increasingly supports automated testing of many single-function relays. These relays often exist as a 'series' of quite similar model variants to allow for the characteristics of particular protection designs and applications. For these 'series' OMICRON offers specific templates that can be easily adjusted to the desired model variant.


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