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The Smart, all-in-one Solution for Protective Relay Testing from Megger

SMRT36D protective relay test setWith an integrated Smart Touch View Interface (STVI) that features multi-coloured graphics and intuitive navigation, the new SMRT36D protective relay test set from Megger is a versatile, standalone, all-in-one solution not only for testing today’s protective relay installations and legacy plant, but also for meeting the future challenges associated with testing the smart grid.

This innovative instrument also includes binary input/output and battery simulation facilities as standard. 

Like the other test sets in the popular SMRT range, the new SMRT36D takes full advantage the company’s patented developments to produce an instrument that offers higher output current, higher output power and greater precision than its predecessors, while addressing user demands to minimise size and weight. Configured for three-phase use, it weighs in at just 13.2 kg and is small enough to fit into the overhead lockers on almost all commercial flights.

The SMRT36D is specifically designed to test protective relays that are used in conjunction with CTs having 1 A and 5 A secondaries. It is capable of testing a wide variety of electro-mechanical, solid-state and microprocessor-based protective relays, including motor overload relays.

In addition, it also combines the capacity to simulate high current faults with the amplifier precision needed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. The instrument can accommodate up to three VIGEN output modules, any of which can be configured as two current outputs or as a voltage output and a current output.

Current channels are rated 30 A @ 200 VA rms continuous, and up to 60 A @ 300 VA rms for short durations. For testing relay panels or electromechanical relays, a unique flat power curve from 4 to 30 Amps ensures maximum compliance voltage to the load at all times.

Voltage channels can provide variable outputs of 0 to 30/150/300 V at 150 VA. Automatic range changing is done on the fly and under load. For testing a panel of relays or older electromechanical impedance relays, a unique flat power curve from 30 to 150 Volts ensures maximum output power to the load at all times. With the voltage channels converted to currents, a three-channel unit can provide six currents for testing three phase current differential relays.

The integrated STVI is Megger’s second generation of automatic and semi-automatic manual user interface software. It has a large, easy-to-read full-colour high-resolution TFT LCD touch-screen display, which displays metered values such as AC and DC current, AC and DC voltage, and time in both seconds and cycles. Depending on the type of test selected, other values can also be displayed, such as phase angle, frequency and ohms.

The unit can be operated either manually via the built-in touch- screen user interface, or placed under full computer control via AVTS Advanced Visual Testing Software, or the STVI software running on a PC.

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