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ABB REG670 Protects Generator Stator and Rotor Windings

Generator protection REG670 has been enhanced to feature an innovative 100% stator and rotor earth-fault protection based on injection principle.

When the injection-based protection of REG670 is used, 100% of the machine stator winding, including the star point, is protected under all operating modes, even at machine standstill. Therefore this new feature makes REG670 suitable also for very complicated and challenging installations, such as pump-storage power plants and large hydro and turbo machines.

- The innovative filtering technique used in REG670 enables high sensitivity for both stator and rotor protection, which in turn enables early detection of faults, says Zoran Gajic, Global Product Manager at ABB.

Additionally, ABB’s innovative implementation of the injection principle allows the injection to be made always on the secondary side of either the voltage transformer or the grounding transformer. Therefore no changes need to be made in the plant primary circuit or grounding resistor. This enables very cost-efficient design of the injection unit, and makes it very easy and fast to take the protection system into operation.

Simplified commissioning
A special tool module accessed via Protection and control IED manager PCM600 significantly simplifies the commissioning and operation of the injection-based stator and rotor earth-fault protection functions. - Our tool guides the user through the installation and calibration procedure to achieve sensitive protection. At the end of the calibration process the tool verifies the validity of the calibration parameters which ensures proper operation of the installation taking into account all the characteristics of the installation, Zoran Gajic explains.

Protection for all types and sizes of generators
ABB's Relion® protection and control product family offers a complete portfolio of generator protection solutions for all types and sizes of generators and generator-transformers units. In addition to REG670, the portfolio contains Generator protection REG650 that offers optimum ‘off-the-shelf’, ready-made solutions, including all the required functionality for protecting small and medium-sized generators. With its 20 analog inputs, REG650 is one of the most compact generator protection devices on the market. This allows, for instance, the integration of overcurrent protection for excitation or auxiliary transformer, in addition to generator protection.

Relion® – Complete confidence
Generator protection REG670/650 IEDs belong to the Relion® protection and control product family. The Relion product family offers the widest range of products for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of power systems. To ensure interoperable and future-proof solutions, Relion products have been designed to implement the core values of the IEC 61850 standard. With ABB’s leading-edge technology, global application knowledge and experienced support network, you can be completely confident that your system performs reliably – in any situation.


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