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The First Type 3 Device Protection With Push-in fast Connection Technology

plugtrabThe world's first type 3 surge protective device with Phoenix Contact Plugtrab SEC Push-in fast connection technology offers a high level of protection of the industrial power supply. Push-in connection technology enables you to perform quick and tool-free installation of the products.

The service life and availability of the system are increased, thanks to the protection of the industrial power supply. The pluggable products enable the surge protection to be checked and maintained easily. You can use the pluggable remote indication contact to identify the operating state of the protective device on site and in the control room.

As a type 2/3 protective device with 5 kA of nominal discharge current, this surge protective device is also suitable for smaller outdoor applications, e.g. for outdoor lighting or warning systems. Global use is possible, thanks to international certifications and approvals. The product portfolio also features products with screw connection technology. Various voltage versions from 24 V to 230 V AC/DC expand the product range.


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