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Best Connections – The REX Family From E-T-A Circuit Breakers

rex12Electronic circuit protectors have long been the first choice when it comes to reliably protecting primary pulsed switch mode power supplies in machine and panel building.

The advantages are obvious: The overcurrent protection, designed specifically for these applications, responds exactly to the requirements of the power supplies.  The focus is on the stable operation of switch mode power supplies, on easy rouble-shooting and unimpaired machine uptime. Besides the standard protection against the effects of overcurrent and the communicative connection to the IO link, the REX12 portfolio now also offers a sophisticated distribution and supply concept for the entire DC 24 V protection system.

E-T-A’s electronic overcurrent protection combines flexibility with compact design. It exactly meets the technical equirements and economic expectations of the machine construction industry.  No accessories are required for the electrical and mechanical connection of the individual components.  

This helps save time and money!

The REX product family is a suite of perfectly matched modules. It includes the EM12-T supply module for the plus and minus potential via a single or double channel REX12-T electronic circuit protector which can  be  mounted  side by side in any number and the newly designed PM12-T potential extension module for plus and
minus multiplication.

The 12.5 mm wide modules feature push-in technology for wiring with press release buttons and allow no-tool, time- saving, maintenance- free wiring. All supply modules are designed for DC 24 V and 40 A. They accommodate cables  with  a  cross section of 10mm² with wire end ferrule and plastic collar. The load outputs of the circuit protector and the extension modules are wired up with 2.5 mm².

The innovative REX connector arm on each individual device accomplishes the otherwise comple  and cost-intensive connections of  supply  and  signalling. The  devices  are  placed  side-by-side  on a symmetrical rail and are electrically connected without further accessories. A new addition to the REX12 product range is the convenient, modular and sophisticated supply and distribution concept. It makes the entire DC 24 V supply still more compact and organised. Trouble-shooting will be even faster and machine uptime will increase.

How does the new distribution concept work?
The new PM12-T  distribution  modules for the +DC24V distribution are mounted alongside and electrically connected with the REX12-T. This increases the number of terminals - providing up to nine outputs. It saves space and replaces conventional distribution terminals.

Also for the DC 0 V (GND) return conductor
The 0 V potential is connected to the EM12-T supply module for GND and multiplied for DC 0 V (GND) with the PM12-T module. These components can also conveniently be connected and wired up. The distribution solution for DC 0 V is suitable for 40 A rated load. Rating of components is made easy for the design engineers. Complex design solutions to reduce cable cross sections from 10 mm² to 2.5 mm² are a thing of the past. The user enjoys unrivalled flexibility of the new distribution and supply concept for DC 24 V applications - it makes planning easier and saves space, time and costs.

The REX12 family system combines overcurrent protection with power distribution directly on the symmetrical rail.


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