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Mersen A Global Specialist In Surge Protection

surge trapMersen is the global expert in high performance materials and equipment for extreme environments as well as for safety and reliability of electrical systems.

Mersen Electrical Power markets a global platform of passive components for electrical power distribution and power control applications (fuses, fusegear, low voltage disconnect switches, surge protective devices) and expert solutions for managing power from the point of source (AC/DC) to the point of use (cooling devices, busbars, fuses for protection of power semiconductors).

Mersen is positioned as the global specialist in surge protection:   

•    Unique expertise in the combination of SPD and fuse technology, one of the key topics in the SPD industry
•    Bringing together the experience of the principal international manufacturing and test standards for SPDs (IEC and UL)
•    World-class surge test platform, with laboratories holding accreditations for both IEC/EN 61643 (Terrassa, Barcelona) and UL 1449 3rd Ed (Newburyport, MA-USA)
•    Global manufacturing footprint (Spain, Mexico, China) of a comprehensive range of solutions covering both IEC and UL markets
•    Innovative ranges combining surge protection and ground monitoring to provide full safety and continuity of service
•    Leadership in POP (TOV) (Power-frequency overvoltage protection) and combined SPD+POP devices. EN 50550.

World-class surge test lab

impulse generatorMersen is committed to innovation. The proof of that quest for continual improvement: a total of more than a million tests in 25 years!

In the field of lightning and surge protection Mersen has a highly specialized team, test laboratories, high investment in R&D, international patents and presence on standards committees.

Mersen has two surge test labs: one state of the art lightning and surge protection test lab in Terrassa, Spain, namely Mersen’s Global Center of Excellence for IEC Surge Protection, and one for UL testing in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The impulse current generator in the Barcelona lab allows for testing with lightning discharges of up to 200kA (10/350µs) and surges of 160kA (8/20µs).

Mersen welcomes customers at both locations to run test campaigns focused on critical points in their own bills of requirements. For OEM partners, Mersen offers the possibility for customer to get their systems surge-certified.

Own manufacture of SPDs in Europe

Mersen has several manufacturing plants of SPDs, the most important one being located in Europe. SPDs are designed, tested and manufactured under strict quality assurance and in accordance with international standards such as IEC/EN 61643 and UL 1449.  
Mersen designs innovative solutions to customer requirements, to optimize their industrial performance, and provides technical consulting and training services.

Surge-Trap® complete portfolio of DIN-rail SPDs

Surge-Trap® stands for a complete portfolio of surge protection solutions for low voltage electrical supplies as well as for telecom and signaling networks (telephone, data network, measurement and control, RF)

The optimal system of protection in power supply networks is the 3-step approach, in which successive stages are combined in the performance of high discharge capacity devices and devices with an optimal voltage protection level. This is typically achieved with Type 1 SPDs in the main switchboard, Type 2 SPDs in distribution boards and Type 3 SPDs in final sub-circuits and close to individual equipment.

Surge-Trap® comprises a wide range of devices (Type 1, Type 1+2, Type 2 and Type 2+3) with a deep offer of product codes in terms of nominal voltages (120/208V, 230/400, 277/480, 400/690 and above) and grounding arrangements (TNS, TT, TNC, IT).

Specific solutions for PV applications to EN 50539-11 (up to 1500VDC) and UL 1449 3rd Ed, and the complete series of devices to protect LED outdoor luminaires (offering 10kV protection and above) are part of the highlights in the standard product offer.

Mersen has extensive experience with protection in photovoltaic systems, telecom, water treatment, electric vehicle, industrial and commercial applications, residential, power utilities, wind, etc.

The importance of the ground connection

ground protectionThe implementation of a surge protection system should not be addressed without taking into account the importance of the status of the grounding system. In fact, an SPD is only as efficient as the ground connection.

As a true specialist in lightning and surge protection, Mersen offers a comprehensive approach to protection, including also devices such as a grounding system status monitor. Continuously monitoring the state of the ground connection ensures proper operation of surge protection devices.

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