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Eaton’s Bussmann Series Products Measure Up with New Compact Modular Fuse Holders and High Speed Fuses

Eaton has added a range of modular fuse holders (MFH) and high-speed cylindrical gR fuses to its Bussmann series.

The new products enhance the power management company’s portfolio of complementary circuit protection products for machine builders, equipment OEMs and system builders, providing global solutions from one source.

The new MFH range is one of the most compact on the market, which is a major advantage for system OEMs as they look to save space in equipment. Manufactured from engineered thermoplastic (PBT), and featuring an ultra-sonic welded body, it can accommodate three fuse sizes: the 10 x 38 range of 0.5-32 A fuse, 14 x 51 range of 1-50 A fuse and 22 x 58 range of 2-125 A fuse links.

“As well as the high throughput machines and solid performance that manufacturers require, reduced operating costs and increased safety are also essential today,” said Simon Pinkney, Director of Product Marketing ICPD – Bussmann series products at Eaton. “At Eaton, our circuit protection solutions play a critical role in helping to ensure the safety of operators as well as reducing downtime for end-users. With our new fuse holders and fuses, OEMs and machine builders can strengthen their competitive edge.”

In addition, there are a number of features that simplify and speed up installation, enabling end-users to maximise uptime. DIN rail mounting is effortless and requires no tools thanks to the built-in spring loading feature, and a choice of either cable or spade lug connection is available. Alternatively, the fuse holder can be screw-mounted using two M4 panel-mounting screws to best fit a machine builder’s needs.

Rated up to 690 V, the fuse holder carries IEC, UL and CCC accreditations, allowing the selection of one fuse holder that meets global requirements. The new fuse holder comes in single, double, triple and four pole variants as well as one- and three-pole and neutral.

The introduction of the cylindrical high-speed gR fuses further strengthens the Bussmann series high-speed portfolio. Designed to protect semiconductor devices such as thyristors, diodes, rectifiers and static relays, the new range is capable of clearing faults in overcurrent, overload and short-circuit events, thereby enabling users to ensure operator safety, protecting both personnel and equipment from harm.

The ceramic tube construction can withstand high levels of internal pressure and thermal shock, which allows for a high breaking capacity in a reduced physical space. Melting elements are specially designed to obtain low energy let through (I2t) values, reduced arc voltages and an adequate selective coordination with upstream fuse-links. As a result, they provide excellent, reliable circuit protection.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of rated currents and striker versions for use in fuse bases with a micro-switch to provide system builders with additional flexibility. Typical applications consist of protection in rectifiers, UPS, converters, motor drives, soft starters and inverters.


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