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Megger Makes Multi-phase Protection Testing Easier With The New SMRT410D

megger SMRT410DFeaturing a large integrated colour touchscreen, the new Megger SMRT410D smart protection relay test system is a versatile and convenient standalone solution for testing all types of protective relay installations, including legacy electromechanical types.

Advanced test methods are available as the instrument supports dynamic, transient and GPS satellite synchronised end-to-end testing.

The SMRT410D is compact yet rugged and powerful. It is primarily designed for standalone operation without the need for connection to a PC. When used in this way, tests are configured and controlled via the integral touch view interface, which makes extensive use of multi-colour graphics to provide a user interface that is intuitive but also powerful and flexible. A PC-controlled option is, however, provided as a standard feature, allowing the SMRT410D to be used in conjunction with Megger’s versatile RTMS software, which gives users total control to build fully customised test scenarios.

The SMRT410D can provide up to four voltage and six current outputs, or up to ten current outputs, making it suitable for testing even complex multi-phase relay protection schemes. It can be ordered with either three or four Vigen modules, each capable of providing either one current and one voltage output channel or two current output channels, plus, if required, a Digen module that provides two further current output channels. A further user-specifiable option is an integrated interface for testing using the IEC 61850 GOOSE protocol.

The Vigen and Digen modules used in the SMRT410D have exceptionally high power capabilities. Current output channels are rated for 30 A @ 200 VA continuous and up to 60 A @ 300 VA for 90 cycles. Uniquely, they have a flat power curve from 4 A to 30 A, ensuring that they can deliver maximum compliance voltage to the load under all conditions. Voltage channels provide variable outputs of 0 to 30 V, 150 V and 300 V at 150 VA, with a power curve that is flat from 30 V to 150 V.

The instrument’s metered outputs provide the high levels of accuracy needed for testing critical devices, while digitally generated output current and voltage waveforms ensure that outputs never vary as a result of sudden changes in input voltage or frequency. In addition, the dc offset and harmonic content of the output waveforms are freely programmable by the user. These features not only enhance the accuracy and reliability of test results, but also reduce the time required for testing.


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