Eaton Completes Moeller Integration

eatonbrandEaton today announced details of the product and packaging changes it is making to finalise integration of The Moeller Group, which it acquired in 2008. From 1st July 2011, the Moeller logo will start to be replaced by the Eaton logo on all products and packaging.

These changes will flow through the supply chain throughout 2011 with a target completion date of 1st January 2012.

The products will have the same form, fit and function and carry the same order codes providing reassurance of continuity of supply and build quality. The former name will appear as Moeller® series on the product rating and carton labels in recognition of the value it has transitioned to Eaton.

In terms of organisation, product and production techniques, Moeller has been fully integrated into Eaton during the last two plus years. Moeller facilities have been adopting the Eaton Business System, a single continuous improvement system covering work processes, tools and tooling during this time.

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