Low Voltage Switchgear - Quick Selection Guide

mitsubishi rangeMitsubishi Electric has produced a quick reference guide for its range of switchgear, simplifying component selection, system design and set-up. The guide covers Mitsubishi’s extensive range of low voltage switchgear.

Written with both the user and the system designer in mind, the guide is an essential reference for anyone specifying or integrating low voltage switchgear.

Mitsubishi offers a complete solution for line and load side distribution, providing users with the highest levels of quality, safety and reliability. The low voltage air circuit breakers can be used as the main circuit breakers of power distribution systems for buildings, factories and ships. The air circuit breakers are available in current ratings from 157-6300A in three frame sizes, offering high breaking capacity in an extremely compact package. Together they enable users to realise high-level circuit monitoring and networking architecture that is simple yet robust, secure and effective.

The air circuit breakers carry international approvals for industrial and marine applications, and are type tested for use in Rittal panels. Options include enhanced overload control, network connectivity and energy consumption monitoring.

Mitsubishi’s moulded case circuit breakers include the WSS series – among the smallest MCCBs available – providing protection across current ranges up to 1600A in three model sizes. Intelligent breaking technology guarantees high reliability and improved circuit protection, with reduced circuit breaking speed. The WSS breakers are available in 3- and 4-pole models, with versions for fixed or plug-in installation. They meet national and international protection ratings according to VDE, EN and IEC standards.

The Mitsubishi contactor range comprises magnetic contactors, thermal overload relays and contactor relays for reliable motor protection. These space-efficient products are up to 25% smaller than comparable units, with enhanced performance such as the ability to withstand voltage drops of up to 35% while still ensuring reliable operation. The contactors can be readily customised with a wide range of options, including thermal overload relays, time delay modules, auxiliary contacts and trip indicators.

The selection guide can be launched via Mitsubishi’s newly designed dedicated low voltage switchgear website which also includes an abundance of other useful information and documentation.


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