Terasaki and Mardix Pass Test at One Hundred Thousand Amps

terasaki mardixTerasaki and Mardix are delighted to announce the success of their joint switchgear testing program. Engineers at Mardix have designed a new industry-leading, high-capacity distribution switchgear system incorporating Terasaki circuit breakers. Intended for use in buildings with high, concentrated electrical energy demand such as data centres and banks, it has now been proven to withstand short-circuit fault current of up to one hundred thousand amps (100kA).

Peace of Mind from Independent Testing and Certification to IEC 61439
The consequences of switchgear failure when a business depends heavily on the availability of electricity could be disastrous. Terasaki and Mardix had the system independently tested and certified to give users and specifiers peace of mind about the performance of the equipment.

Short-circuit performance at 100kA was tested at the ASTA-approved DAMSTRA laboratory in the Netherlands.

Temperature performance was verified at kA Testing in the UK (also ASTA-certified). This highlighted the superior thermal performance of the switchboard and circuit breakers in that:

     • a rating of 6300A for the incoming circuit (a TemPower 2 ACB) was achieved with natural cooling;

     • Outgoing circuits rated from 160A to 3200A (TemBreak 2 MCCBs and TemPower 2 ACBs) achieved a diversity factor of 1 with natural cooling.

Latest Switchgear Standard
The system was designed and tested to the latest standard for low-voltage switchgear assemblies, IEC 61439. ASTA certificates are available and reference the new standard.

Collaboration Offers Choice to Clients
Terasaki and Mardix are independent companies, successful in their separate, but overlapping business areas. Terasaki are the UK’s foremost circuit breaker specialists, supplying components to switchboard builders for a wide range of commercial, industrial and marine projects. Mardix deliver an integrated solution for every aspect of the critical power life cycle through switchgear, power management and service.

The co-operation between Terasaki and Mardix offers choice to clients who like to select the best technical solution for a project without being restricted to using the same brand for systems and circuit breakers due to existing certification. Some examples of the benefits of this “best of breed” approach are:

     • Reduction in space required for switchgear in the building. 100kA short-circuit withstand ratings can achieved in 1400mm wide incoming switchgear compartments. This is possible only due to the unique combination of Air Circuit Breakers with exceptional ratings (Terasaki) and busbar design (Mardix) and can result in space savings of up to 40% over conventional designs.

     • Overheating is the single most common cause of failure in switchgear. Full critical power monitoring systems, incorporating real-time, continuous thermal measurement of circuit breakers is an easily achieved option with this combination of equipment.

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