Reliable Protection At All Times From E-T-A Circuit Breakers

eta portfolioIn the machine building industry, factory automation and process control, in all applications on the DC 24 V level our customers rely on switch mode power supplies. Standard protection of these power supplies is provided by electronic circuit protectors or circuit breakers made by E-T-A.

Electronic overcurrent protection ensures selectivity. It offers a significant increase in machine or plant uptime. This particular type of protection is required because the compact DC supplies do not deliver enough current to trip conventional thermal-magnetic circuit breakers in the event of a short circuit.

E-T-A offers a comprehensive portfolio of protection devices for the DC 24 V control voltage level. The E-T-A range is categorized into three typical industries and can be specified exactly in accordance with the application. Besides the protection elements, E-T-A also offers switch mode power supplies and the necessary back-up fuse.

What are the major differences between industries in terms of electronic overcurrent protection?

Machine building industry
Machine and panel builders focus on functionality and profitability, but a flexible design solution is also important. Modular and compact solutions are characterised by scalability and are extremely cost-effective. Besides a flexible and compact design, transparency is also becoming an ever more important request of machine and panel builders.

The REX12-T is ideal for applications in machine construction and offers unrivalled cost-effectiveness combined with flexibility and a compact design. It can be included in the system without any additional accessories.

Factory automation E-T-A’s ESX10 electronic circuit protector is an overcurrent protection device that can master any challenges in factory automation. The ESX10 not only offers active linear current limitation, but also streamlines the planning of DC 24 V applications. These solutions limit the maximum output current before disconnection. Overloading the switch mode power supply is eliminated. The modules are only 12.5 mm wide and are available as a plug-in type or otherwise DIN rail mountable. They offer all standard MCB trip curves (A, B, C and even D characteristics).

In the event of a short circuit, the linear limitation ensures that the maximum current will not be higher than 1.8 times rated current. This feature allows selective protection of all typical DC 24 V loads. Selective protection increases system availability significantly. Only the faulty path is disconnected. All other loads remain fully functional. Comprehensive approvals to UL, CSA and ATEX complete the technical performance of the ESX10 product group and offer a wide range of possible applications to the user.

Process control
In addition to the requirements of the two aforementioned industries, E-T-A also offers hybrid solutions for the process control and automation industry. The ESS type circuit breakers unite electronic overcurrent protection with physical isolation via a bimetal. This adds up to the overall safety. In the event of a failure the breakers, which carry VDE and UL approval, will disconnect electronically before also opening the contacts mechanically. From a technical perspective, this is equivalent to the disconnection of an MCB. Physical isolation prevents possible residual voltages or currents from flowing through the disconnected path into the field. In addition, hazardous reverse polarity voltages caused by defective loads in the field, can be completely eliminated.

Off is off is off.


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