New NRX Circuit-Breaker Series from Eaton: Small, Flexible and Efficient

eaton nrxDiversified industrial manufacturer Eaton has launched a new series of versatile circuit-breakers. The new NRX series, which includes the smallest air circuit-breaker in the world, offers different rated currents for a wide range of applications from 630 A to 4000 A and breaking capacities from 42 kA to 105 kA.

Furthermore, optimal protection parameters can be set according to the application and the equipment. The new NRX series is therefore ideal for protecting systems, motors, transformers and generators.

Included in the new series is the IZMX16 which is currently the smallest air circuit-breaker in the world. Its innovative concept allows side-by-side mounting of two withdrawable circuit-breakers in a 600 mm wide panel, making it perfectly suited for economical and space saving panel designs. Additionally, if switching from a distance is required, a motor for charging the spring-operated stored energy mechanism, closing coils, shunt trips, and undervoltage releases for the on//off command are also integrated in the design, providing better performance in a minimum of space.

The IZMX40 model, a circuit breaker for up to 4000 A, takes up no more space than a 3200 A circuit-breaker and does not require any additional cabling in the terminal area. Integration tests in Eaton switchboards, such as the Memform, Modan, xEnergy, PowerXpert, Capitol 20 and Capitol 40 ranges, confirm the excellent technical benefits as well as the terminal system that can be designed flexibly to meet application requirements.
An extensive range of practical accessories are also available for expanding the functionality of the circuit-breaker in the application - such as for signalling, automation and communication. If a system is to be overdesigned temporarily with several expansion stages, users can, for example, set a 1600 A circuit-breaker for equipment of only 100 A by simply replacing a rating plug.

Thanks to its communication capability, the NRX series offers new options for power distribution: NRX supplies all operation-related information and passes this on. This consequently increases the transparency of the system, and reaction times to events such as overcurrent, phase imbalance and overvoltage are also shortened. Fast process interventions also prevent system failures and preventative maintenance is made possible, thus increasing overall system availability.

The IZMX circuit-breaker can be expanded through individual solutions, increases system safety, improves personal protection in the event of a fault, and significantly reduces the risk of an unwanted interruption in operation.

Eaton offers three software tools for ergonomic project design as well as for easy product selection and documentation. Firstly, the intuitive software tool called Eaton Configurator Circuit Breaker enables simple selection and configuration of circuit-breakers and switch-disconnectors with accessories from a database of several thousand items. Secondly, the CurveSelect tool enables the adjustable display of tripping characteristics of several protective devices over the same time and current ranges. Thirdly, the BreakerVisu software is used for monitoring several ACBs and MCCBs, and makes it possible to acquire data on circuit-breaker currents, switching states and load warnings quickly and clearly, as well as display it dynamically on a web page.

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