Eaton Magnum Air circuit Breakers

eaton magnum acbMeeting the challenge Magnum breakers are engineered specifically for use in low voltage assemblies applied at nominal voltages of 380, 415, 440, 500 and 690 Vac.

Ten continuous ratings – 800 A through 6300 A – are covered with three frame sizes. Drawout and fixed mounting units are available in 3 or 4 pole designs. Controls and indicators are conveniently grouped on the breaker’s front escutcheon where they can be easily viewed and accessed through a cutout door.

High withstand ratings:
Magnum provides high interruption and withstand ratings in a small physical size.

Through-the-door design:
All controls, indicators, and the trip unit are visible and can be safely accessed without opening the compartment door.

Common height and depth:
All three Magnum frame sizes have the same identical height and depth to facilitate standardised designs in low voltage assemblies.

Complete trip unit family:
A full range of Digitrip® programmable and electronic trip units has been expanded to offer customers a choice of protection, information, and communication capabilities to meet specific requirements.

Product Characteristics:
    Up to 690 Vac
    3 & 4 Pole Configurations
    Draw-out & Fixed Mounted
    200 to 6300 Amps Continuous Current
    Interrupting (Icu/Ics) from 40kA to 100kA
    Withstand (Icw) up to 100kA

    100% rated at full continuous current
    3 Frame sizes to facilitate compact enclosure options
    High Withstand Breakers for maximum coordination

Protection, Coordination, Information, & Diagnostics with the Digitrip Trip Unit Family:
    Micro-processor-based RMS Sensing
    Basic to programmable over-current protection & alarms
    Ampere & power metering, power quality
    Local display for information and diagnostics
    Communications with translators to common protocols
    Zone selective interlocking for improved coordination
    Breaker health monitoring

    IEC, CE, KEMA Keur, ABS, & CCC (Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification) Certifications & Approvals
    Closed door levering and control access

Maintenance, Modification, & Service
    Field installable accessories:
        Common to all frames and ratings
        Easy to add or replace at the point of use
    Primary disconnecting contacts are mounted on the breaker for ease of inspection and replacement.


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