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The E-T-A Circuit Breaker REX System – Your All-In-One Solution

rex systemWith the compact and flexible REX12 security system, ETA supplies the ideal DC 24 V protection and distribution solution for mechanical engineering.

What advantages does our all-in-one solution offer you?
The REX12 solution is a coordinated system in which the functionality and number of parts has been consistently optimized. All-in-one solution means: supply + protection + power distribution in a complete system. You therefore have considerable time and cost advantages:
- No additional accessories such as connecting rails needed
- Brings flexibility through easy assembly / disassembly, modularity and convenient customization
- Saves space with a slim design
- Simplified wiring and connection thanks to integrated push-in connection technology

The REX system – the supply modules
rex supplyThe EM12 supply modules for the power input of the REX system are available in different versions, providing genuine flexibility with regard to costs and functionalities. Besides the conventional EM12-T01-… supply modules with integral group fault signalling by means of a relay contact, there are also the intelligent and communication-capable EM12D-TIO-… supply modules for IO-Link as well as EM12D-TMB-… for Modbus-RTU. They provide a great amount of diagnostic information about the superordinate IO link or Modbus-RTU master as a basis for proper remote maintenance.

In addition we have supply modules for further potential line entries. In this process the EM12-T00-100-… supply module connects all +DC 24 V points of supply. The EM12-T00-200-… supply module serves as a +DC 24 V disconnect terminal for the input of battery-buffered or even safety voltage potentials.

The REX system – the overcurrent protection
rex overcurrentThe REX12 electronic circuit protector combines flexibility and compact design - in a single or double channel version, conventional or smart or even with IO link or Modbus-RTU. REX12, this means a space-saving and reliable protection, tailor-made for primary pulsed DC 24 V switch mode power supplies.

The focus is on the stable operation of switch mode power supplies, on easy trouble-shooting and an unimpaired machine uptime. And what is more: no additional accessories are needed to connect the individual components electrically and mechanically.

The REX12 exactly meets the technical and economic requirements of the machine construction industry. The single-channelled circuit protector is available in all standard fxed current ratings from 1 A to 10 A.

The double-channelled devices are available in the fixed current ratings 1 A, 2 A, 3 A, 4 A and 6 A as well as in
adjustable versions from 1 A to 10 A. The devices with fixed ratings allow standard-compliant cable protection to EN60204-1 – even with small cable cross sections. On the other hand, the adjustable version helps to significantly reduce the inventory.

The REX system – the power distribution
rex power distThe power distribution concept of the REX system holds two main groups: In the same system, the user can easily realise not only the + DC 24 V
distribution, but also the minus distribution 0 V (GND). The new PM12-T distribution modules for the + DC 24 V distribution are mounted side by side with REX12T and electronic circuit protectors to be electrically connected with these. This increases the number of terminals, saves space and conventional distribution terminals are no longer required.

The 0 V potential is connected to the EM12-T supply module for GND and is then multiplied for DC 0 V (GND) by means of the PM12-T module. These components can also conveniently be connected and wired up. The distribution solution for DC 0 V is suitable for 40 A rated load. Rating of components is made easy for the design engineers. Complex design solutions to reduce cable cross sections from 10 mm² to 2.5 mm² are a thing of the past.

The REX system – protecting while keeping the standard firmly in view ...
The internal fail-safe element in the shape of a blade fuse is adapted directly to the current rating of the corresponding circuit protector, thus ensuring ease of adjustment to the cable cross section. Concretely, this means that the current rating of the protector and the rating of the fail-safe element are identical. Thus the REX12 rated 4 A holds a 4 A blade fuse to IEC 60127-4/2 and to UL248-14. Besides the UL508listed approval and NEC Class2, the REX12 exclusively meets the requirements of cable protection to EN60204-1.

... or flexible adjustment via IO link and Modbus RTU
rex io linkBy means of the IO link Modbus RTU adjustment of the flexible solution becomes as simple as can be. The user can very easily adjust the REX12D-TE-… electronic circuit protector to the corresponding load conditions of the application. This additionally helps to significantly reduce storage costs.

The REX system – the application
The REX12 system offers unrivalled ease of side-by-side mounting which allows upgrades at a later date. Individual protectors can effortlessly be replaced. Just open the left and right connector arm of the circuit protector and remove the unit in question. Put in a new unit, close the connector arm, done

The REX system allows the customer to build up a very economic DC 24 V supply with a modular and cost-effective protection and distribution solution. Without any connection accessories and with minimum wiring time.

Industry 4.0 – Condition monitoring – predictive maintenance
A basic requirement of industry 4.0 is the storage and evaluation of all data gained from machines and systems. At the same time, they are the basis of solutions on the score of "condition monitoring" and "predictive maintenance". E-T-A’s REX system helps you exactly with regard to these subjects to improve machine transparency and consistency of the complete systems.


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