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Circuit Protection Review Newsletter July 2012 Issue 2

Welcome to the Circuit Protection Review Editor's newsletter featuring the latest site sponsors news and featured products and services. 

Latest News:
Plugtrab PT-IQ Intelligent Surge Protection Plugtrab PT-IQ Intelligent Surge Protection

The new Plugtrab PT-IQ product family from Phoenix Contact is the first generation to provide proactive functional monitoring for signal interface surge protection devices.

Eaton launches XEffect series circuit breakers Eaton launches XEffect series circuit breakers 

The first product to be released is a digital combined RCD/MCB (RCBO) device and a digital residual current circuit-breaker (RCCB) with type B+ tripping characteristics.

New Compact E-T-A Plug-in Type Circuit Breaker  

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has introduced a new compact thermal-magnetic circuit breaker type 2216-S, increasing its plug-in mounting product range for automation in industrial and buildings applications.

Selective Power Distribution with Innovative New Circuit BreakersSelective Power Distribution with Innovative New Circuit Breakers  

The new electronic and thermo-magnetic circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact offer all of the system benefits that are important for quick and easy installation.

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