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Circuit Protection Review Newsletter April 2012 Issue 1

Welcome to the Circuit Protection Review Editor's newsletter featuring the latest site sponsors news and featured products and services. 

Site news: We are pleased to welcome Phoenix Contact and Doepke as the latest sponsors of the Circuit Protection Review site.

Sponsor News:
Doepke DLS6 MCBs DLS6 Miniature Circuit Breakers an Innovation by Doepke

The modern functional design and the high grade surface finish of the plastic components are indicative of the high quality standard of this range of miniature circuit breakers. 

VAL-CP-MCB arrester Surge Voltage Protection including Backup Overcurrent Protection MCB 

The VAL-CP-MCB arrester, a combination of arrester backup fuse function and type 2 surge voltage arrester, is the only real choice when it comes to backup fuses for surge voltage protection.

Latest News:

Siemens AFD Siemens Arcing Fault Detection Unit Reacts to Arcing Faults in Electrical Installations  

At this year's Light+Building, Siemens Infrastructure & Cities is to unveil an arcing fault detection (AFD) unit that reacts to arcing faults and disconnects circuits safely.

The GuideMersen Releases their New International Catalogue - The Guide  

Through this catalogue it’s for OEMs, installers, end users and distributors a direct access to the complete offering by Mersen for fuse and fusegear, introduced per the major standards.

ABB Emax CatalogueNew Emax Air Circuit Breaker Catalogue from ABB 

The new Emax air circuit-breakers are the result of ABB SACE’s constant commitment to look for new solutions, and of the knowhow it has developed over the years. This is an incredibly innovative high quality circuit-breaker range, designed to satisfy all application requirements.

Siemens TypeF RCD New Siemens RCDs Detect Residual Currents with Mixed Frequencies  

At this year's Light+Building, Siemens Infrastructure & Cities will be unveiling Type F RCDs. This type of device protects from electric shocks in the case of residual currents that can result with single-phase electrical loads such as washing machines and pumps, for example.

Eaton’s New Compact RCBOs Leave Room to Manoeuvre

The new devices are 20mm shorter than their standard counterparts, so they make much more room available for wiring, eliminating the need for users to struggle to make multiple connections in a confined space.

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