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GE Energy Record Plus™ MCCBs Selective and Current Limiting

recordplusThe Record Plus family of circuit breakers is a line of aesthetically and technically coordinated protection devices developed for use in low voltage distribution and control applications.

The circuit breakers are available in four sizes, each of which is tailored to the individual requirements associated with its application.

A line of three and four pole devices ranging from 3A to 1600A in four basic envelopes with fault interruption ratings of up to 150kA. A design offering a unique combination of current limitation and full selectivity.

Record Plus Draw-out types
Safe, easy to install and cost efficient
A simple, hand operated draw-out system is available for the breaker envelopes FE, FG and FK frame. The draw-out system enables Record Plus breakers with rating from 3A to 1600A to be confi gured as devices that can be fully insulated from the power supply and Installation. Each device has three positions Inserted and Connected, Test and Isolated, and Withdrawn.

Draw-out system up to 630A
A design modelled on our ACB construcions and incorperating a standard plug in base encapsulated it in a sturdy metal cradle. The devices have a protection degree of IP40 in Withdrawn or Inserted position and offer a major step forward in MCCB draw-out construction.

A system suitable for the 160, 250, 400 & 630A envelopes offering a host of features:
Integrated features
• Use behind door.
• Trip functionality on insertion and withdrawal.
• With MCCB style test position.
• Easily accessible earthing point.

Optional features
• Through door version allowing accessibility of all draw-out and/or breaker functions from the door front. This with the breaker operated by a toggle handle a rotary handle or a motor operator.
• An optional locking option for multiple padlocks and/or multiple key locks.
• Multiple carriage indication switches for each position
• ACB style test position.
• Quick and simple assembly & installation from readily available kits.


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